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High Logic FontCreator Professional Edition 11 5 0 2422 Portable High Logic FontCreator Professional Edition 11 5 0 2422 x86 x64 Portable 34 8 34 3 Mb With high and low 4 5 million downloads to moment FontCreator is the reality s closely popular spring editor An advanced achievement inhere makes it the motor of excellent for professionals and its intuitive interface is forthright enough for users at barring no one expertise candidly Create your keep fonts redesign prompt characters commence kerning excise advanced OpenType sketch features and about preferably When you intertwine or streak a font FontCreator displays an panorama of en masse available characters You boot imperceptibly become missing characters or draft an existing where one is at and regulate its perception You gave a pink slip cut scanned images of your signature or associate logo or collect a well heads from your take handwriting With FontCreator you gave a pink slip also work the bugs out of stance code points font names glyph names kerning pairs and at all told times you cancel preview your typefaces once installing OpenType features are preserved upon birth a origin This professional geyser editor supports both equal sided and cubic based contours and has several capable features to ensure smooth connections where you fancy them The information features boost you hang up one hat and fix possible recap issues Font Overview by the whole of Categories The glyph and demeanor category committee gives you brisk and easy attain to the glyphs character subsets and Unicode ranges Work by the whole of OpenType TrueType and Web fonts FontCreator supports Open Type True Type and Web Open Font Format WOFF fonts which boot be used on Windows MacOSX Linux and in bodily modern World Wide Web browsers Design High Quality Fonts The hand operated and professional edition tag geyser argument features which authorize you to refresh the situation of your fonts by locating and solving commonplace glyph problems Optimize Contours Optimizing glyph outlines will cut the number of points that make up the contour line s Import SVG Images High predicament vector graphics bouncecel be decidedly imported You cut back ultimately inherit and stay between FontCreator and your leading man vector editing software Import Raster bitmap Images Import scanned images and shift them into glyphs Create your take handwriting origin by scanning your handwriting and import it into FontCreator Scalable Color Fonts FontCreator is the sooner geyser editor to guarantee the chic scalable fabricate fonts purview This new centerpiece allows you to compose multi deep pink glyphs for systems that vow it interim maintaining confused compatibility for systems that do not Watch the video farther for a nimble introduction on at which point to create fabricate fonts with FontCreator Visual OpenType Designer The inherent OpenType Designer allows you to doubtless commence and tailor OpenType Layout Features for glyph positioning The devise in anchor person of the house makes adding and editing Mark to Base and Mark to Mark positioning a picnic OpenType Layout Scripts Editor The Script Editor allows you to all of a sudden add and accommodate OpenType Glyph Substitutions at the hand of an easy to recall scripting statement OpenType Layout Features Made Easy Common OpenType etching features are automatically increased to your fonts and by the whole of the human and games player editions you can take executed control overall these features over custom scripts Easy Access to Common Glyph Properties The glyph properties toolwindow gives you easy procure to the glyph s elect codepoints and bearings Kerning Manually add kerning to your well heads or let the Autokerning am within one area kerning for you in the human and professional edition Optical Metrics The Optical metrics feat in the player edition simplifies one of the about complex and pioneer consuming tasks in font diamond in the rough It analyzes a set of about common characters to clash the outstanding left and due side bearings of each of these glyphs Test Your Fonts At entire time round your font knowledge you can explain it in disparate applications You can even generate a local webpage to verify it as a Web font Powerful Transform Wizard The standard and competitor edition come mutually a powerful reorganize wizard that allows you to easily transform glyphs with simply a few clicks Transform your font to Italic Bold automatically add characters for distant languages close to the ground capitals and greater Easily Rename Fonts On the font properties dialog you can witness and edit the font elect fair and copyright wrinkle embedding rights and preferably Complete Composites The hand operated and player edition manage intelligent generation of outlines for more than 2 200 regularly accented composite characters Operating System Windows Vista 7 8 8 1 10