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360 Blur 360 Bulge 360 Channel Blur 360 Glow 360 Glow Darks 360 Magnify 360 Twirl 360 Unsharpen Acceleration Attract To Drag Follow Gravity Repel From Throw Angle blur Bilateral Blur Blur Diffuse Radial Blur Channel Blur Bulge Insect Vision Magnify Puppet Twirl Witness protection Grid Reflection Split Screen Masking Tile Radial Gradient Light Wrap Glow Light Flares Unsharpen Glow Darks Bezier Warp Polar Warp Vortex Displacement Warp The default setting for by the sweeping data range of 10 bit and 12 small amount files was driven and the substitute was renamed in the Options consider Dragging on the Value Graph is forthwith constrained to Horizontal vim when Auto Zoom is enabled Improved nitty-gritty of the figure graph curve when pen and ink keyframes which are indeed close arm in arm Improved updating of layers when their source capital are replaced with other broadcasting The Puppet tool in a new york minute updates appropriately when the place of business of points is transferred Media titles in the Trimmer now extend fully when the trimmer is resized Changed the finish tool assignment when multi form a timeline from 3D to 2D Improved the legitimacy of the alarmist positioning near control handles in the Viewer Keyframe controls points in a new york minute display correctly in the Viewer when deselected Keyframe controls points urgently display at the proper time in the Viewer when a plot containing endless keyframes is hired Changing the timeline further level after playback back whys and wherefores stability issues Effect presets are no longer automatically reloaded to invigorate performance Setting the camera shroud alignment by a 2D blanket no longer causes stability issues Improved performance of the zoom level slider on the timeline System Requirements Windows PC 64 pittance version of Windows 7 Windows 8 or Windows 10 Intel Core i3 Core i5 Core i7 or